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My first Fine Print article

For those who aren't aware, I happen to be a member of the English Press CLub of BITS Pilani. The following is the article I wrote for the Fine Print (that's our magazine), being put up on this blog to solely serve the purpose of being "looking back material" a few years down the line. Also this is my first article in the Fine Print (the previous ones being published in Chairascuro, the Oasis magazine).

And it's on the placement scenario here at BITS this semester.

BITSians can heave a sigh of relief. The on-campus placement scenario this semester has been significantly better and satisfactory than the previous couple of semesters, which may be attributed to the rising economic conditions all around. We (that's me) spoke to Ayush Bansal, Placements volunterr and he helped throw some light on this subject. As it stands now (20th November), close to 230 of the 443 registered students have already been placed in reputed firms and the details have been pretty hear…