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The editorials

As the de-facto editor of the Computer Science Association of BITS Pilani, I am responsible, amongst other things, to get newsletters out every month. And that involves, again, amongst other things, writing an editorial to fill the first page of the newsletter.

Inspired by a really old Bong, who does the same with his editorials for the Fine Print, I considered putting them up on my blog, for posterity's sake.


Editorial for the January 2011 issue. My first ever attempt at an editorial. Thus, a sizable portion of it is within quotes, so that I myself had to write lesser. Produced after much trepidation after my knobbly knees had become steady, and the butterflies in my stomach had died out.


What does it take to be different?

OK, maybe I should rephrase and say, what does it take to be differently minded?

Charles Babbage, to whom history has ascribed the title, “the father of the computer”, sure was such.  hen Lord Alfred Tennyson published a poem, two lines in which read…