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A land of no Trust

With the advent of the Internet, as with the advent of all great technologies in the past, we have witnessed a slow, but noticeable transformation of our understanding of fundamental human and social values. That is not to say that our values themselves have changed - though I can understand people making claims otherwise - but the way we perceive, evaluate, and understand traditional values certainly seems to be evolving.

When we make an online purchase these days, we rarely think twice about the fact that we're buying a physical product without seeing it in front of us. We throw all caution to the wind and punch in our credit card details in online forms (that is of course, if the merchant doesn't possess our credit card details already). In the pre-Internet era, such an act of disclosing one's confidential financial information to an unknown entity would be considered unthinkable, naive, and foolish. However, the millions of people today who do it every hour points to …