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Shadows - a short story

I wrote this short story for the 2014 edition of Cactus Flower, the annual literary publication of BITS, Pilani.

Everything that we see is a shadow cast by that which we do not see.
The shadows lived in their own gray world.
It was a funny world, theirs. It was intricately interwoven with the world of the humans. Yet, the shadows didn't know about it. In fact, they didn't know that anything could exist outside their two dimensional universe. According to them, everything that could possibly exist was confined to a length, and a breadth, and nothing else.
Since the dawn of time, the shadows had built their own societies around these two spatial dimensions. They had expanded their civilizations, waged their wars, discovered new lands, and overthrown their governments – all the while, cradled in the physical realities of a length and a breadth. The shadows had even developed their own mathematics, made advancements in the sciences, and had almost completely explained all natural…