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The Mathematics of Divinty and Evil

Mathematics is a beautiful subject.

Not the stuff we learn in college, though. Those are more of abominations; more of atrocious instances of human rights violation, hell bent on antagonizing innocent, unsuspecting students against this otherwise beautiful natural phenomenon. But, that apart, there still IS a mathematics which isn't all about memorising formulae, which isn't all about attending classes for getting to know which approach works best for which problem. Very little is known of this mathematics. And this mathematics, is the beautiful mathematics. The beauty of which comes to light, when one goes out of the text book, out of the constrained and contrived "syllabus" and delves into the sheer simplicity of stuff that goes on around us.
One such fascinating concept is that of the Golden Ratio, or the Golden Section. Considerably less known than the mainstream, stereotyped mathematics ... but surprisingly ubiquitous in its application in the real world, this co…