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Dzonghs and more

This is all set to be a pretty boring post, fueled solely by my interest in alternative history and a certain television program on the Nation Geographic Channel viz Megastructures. If you happen to have an interest in either, or you are (or going to be soon) a civil engineer and you are passionate about the subject, there is a little probability that you too might just like it.

This is set in a little landlocked country in Asia, happily nestled and nurtured by the mighty Himalayas. To its north lies the People's Republic of China, to its west, south and east ... our very own motherland, India. Yes, you got it right, it's Bhutan that I am referring to.  The Land of the Thunder Dragon (and Land of so many more things, as we later realised, during our recent ten day vacation)

First things, first : this is NOT a travelogue. I am not a good ... er ... describer of vacations, if you get what I mean. Rather, this is a write-up describing and unearthing one little-known yet glaring a…

The mango people

I am never fashionably different. Many people may and will disagree, but the fact remains, that my unconventional takes on certain matters, are ... unconventional only due to reasons that are well grounded and justified. At least, they make sense to me. Be it loathing firms like Microsoft and Apple, being a motor head and still not liking Lamborghini, being a metal lover and still not swearing by Metallica. Being a Bengali and still not being into football. You get it, right?

so what? the skeptic interjects.

No. Nothing. Just that I suddenly remembered another of these things which falls in the same category.

It's mangoes this time.

Yeah, you saw and heard it right. Mangoes. The fruit, whose absence will probably incapacitate half of this country's population. The fruit which a considerable fraction of this nation lusts after. Swears by. And the fruit that gets on my nerves every summer in the most agonisingly irritating manner.

ducks as random stuff is thrown at him
when projec…

A literary ague

I write these things when I am bored with life. Though, I am working on my first ever story, which I wanted to put up. Giving in to my vacillating emotions, put this up instead. 

The sun had kissed the snow clad peaks of the mountains yonder, with its all-pervasive beams slowly fading away into a beautiful shade of darkness. Surrendering, despite its incredible power, to the cycle of time. The sky, bewitchingly beautiful, like a cocktail, impeccably brewed by some over arching divine power. An exquisite shade of crimson seamlessly blending into a celestial azure that fused with the infinity that was one horizon.

Dusk, the harbinger of night, had arrived. The creatures of the night, would arise once more. Suddenly over one face of the earth, nature seemed to have lit up, with a blaze of glorious beauty, like never before. The constellations had risen. Glimmering down upon this breathtaking natural phenomenon with the multitude of diamonds they were home to. 

And suddenly, they were blotte…