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The end of a chapter

Five years ago, approximately around this time of July, I had bid farewell to the city which had borne me for eighteen years to embark upon a voyage of discovery, learning and knowledge.

I had written a post back then (which in hindsight, looks laughably immature, and hence I won't bother linking to it), about how apprehensive I had been - and how uncertain things looked. Today, from the other side of the fence, with five grueling years of engineering and science under my belt, these doubts and qualms seem so baseless, and even stupid, that I wonder what made me harbour them in the first place.

The point I'm trying to make, by trying to conceal my exuberance, behind a veil of staid expressions, is the fact that I've graduated. With a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and a Master of Science in Mathematics. And a First Division in both.

Five years have passed since that day on the platform at Howrah Station, waiting for the Rajdhani Express to Delhi,

... to weari…

Mozilla Firefox wins the game of Easter Egss

A few months back, I had written a post about what had then been, my favourite Easter Egg. I had stumbled upon it quite innocuously - hidden in the Unix terminal behind the facade of command line geekery, and it had blown my mind, simply because of its tenacity and unyielding nature. Since then, I have looked high and low for more of such bits of brilliance, and (I believe) I have finally found the greatest Easter Egg of all time.

Being a sci-fi nerd, this was staggering - not just because of how I had overlooked it all these years, but because of its all the epicness that it manages to include in itself.

So here's what it is: you fire up Mozilla Firefox, and type about:robots in the address bar. You'll be greeted with a page that looks like this.

The “Welcome Humans! We have come to visit you in peace and with goodwill” is followed by references to not one, not two, not even three, and hell - not even four, but five whole references to some of the best robot-themed sci fi th…