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"Driving around in circles looking for normality" : Ron Howard's Rush - A film review

I don't remember awaiting a movie more eagerly than I did for Rush.
When Ron Howard made an appearance as the special guest in an episode in the 20th series of Top Gear and gave us titillating insights into his upcoming movie, my tongue was just short of hanging out, my bottom just short of falling off the bed, and my eyes, just short of literally popping out, like they do in comic books. But then, I told myself, calm down, boy. This ain't gonna release in India. Might as well wait till you get the DVD Rip – which would be several months later.
I watched every trailer that came out in the past six months a quintillion number of times. I read every Wikipedia page even remotely related to the 1976 season of Formula 1, a gazillion number of times, and I hoped against hope that the movie would release in India, a similarillion number of times.
I did not know till less than a week before its release that it was actually releasing in India. And when I did, it seemed as if the whole…

Girish and the Chronicles : live at Hard Rock Cafe, Hyderabad

This post (after a few edits) was originally published in Top Five Records. You can read it here.

“Love, peace... and rock n' roll” reads the tag line on their Facebook page; And after attending their recent gig at Hard Rock Cafe in Hyderabad, the writer is as unsure of the first two, as he is certain, of the third.
To the extent of which the words “no-nonsense” go, Girish and the Chronicles are absolutely no-nonsense when it comes to making and doing “good” rock music. They are among those fast disappearing groups of musicians in this country today, who neither scream profanities in the name of death metal while showing their fingers to all and sundry; nor do they puke sloppy emo stuff for people whose intellectual bandwidth rarely betters that of the bovine.
In other words, they are pretty much perfect for lovers of true, classic hard rock. They're perfect for people who like to get their heads banging as much as they like to bask in the glory of the golden age of music g…

AlterEgoz Pink Floyd tribute - live at Hard Rock Cafe, Hyderabad

This post was originally written for the fine folks at Top Five Records. To read the original, click here.

AlterEgoz call themselves a “purely classic rock band”.

They started off in 2001 in Hyderabad - citing an all-encompassing list of influences ranging from the Beatles, through to the Police via Rush and in their decade long career, they’ve played hither and thither around the country; at times sharing the stage with biggies like Parikrama and Mrigya.

Not surprisingly, they’ve done quite a few gigs at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hyderabad, and August 29th was probably just another one in their list. For the writer however, it was his first taste of the famous HRC, and when he left the place after the gig was over, he was - to put it bluntly - far from satisfied.

The gig was dubbed “a tribute to Pink Floyd”, and there was nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with the band’s performance, or their execution of the songs. They had the energy, the talent and the required eye candy to keep ever…

WebRTC and the open web

The why, the how, and its pressing need today.


Almost all of us have used video and voice chatting services on the Internet. Right since the days of Google Talk - on to Skype and now Google Hangouts - voice and video chat have become a cornerstone of a user's web experience. With big firms moving to massive video conferencing solutions involving telepresence to ease the burden of globe-trotting; and more and more families and friends using social networking sites to keep in touch across the world, there never has been a more pronounced need for a universal standard that will make video chatting even more streamlined and efficient.

Enter HTML 5.

HTML 5, for the ones who have been keeping to the dungeons of technological ignorance for the past few years, is essentially the latest buzzword when we're talking web technologies. It builds upon the quintessential mark-up language, HTML and adds more features that can, in a word, make a sufficiently advanced web-browser, only slight…