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Jab We Met : Voldemort and Vader

Presenting, Darth Vader.  hssssssssh hsssssssssh

Bio : Originally Anakin Skywalker who fell prey to the wrong (read Dark) side of the Force. And later repented, but that is besides the point.Weapons : Lightsaber. Custom form V specialist. make : Sith.Finishing moves :  Force choke or Ripping off some body part with lightsaber, generally the head.Strengths : highly trained Jedi knight, therefore gifted with extraordinary agility and intuition. Sith armour hand crafted by Sith workmen, is near impregnable. Unison with The Force.Weakness : vulnerable to anything and everything once his respiratory mask his taken off. Presenting, Lord Voldemort.

Bio :  Originally Tom Marvolo Riddle. Greatest dark wizard of all time.Weapons : Wand. 13½" (34.29cm) yew wood, with a phoenix feather core. Make : Ollivander'sFinishing moves : Avada Kedavra, the killing curse.Strengths : greatest dark wizard of all time. Well versed in all possible enchantments, spells. Mastery over non-verbal spells. Fli…

Inception : the best movie ever made?

How would you like, if the thriller novel you brought the other day, had the entire plot, written ... summary, spoilers and all .. on the rear cover? And the rear cover pasted on the front? My guess is, well, you wouldn't. But that does not deter me from answering the question addressed in the title.

Frankly speaking, from the very fathomable depths in my white and unspoilt, honest conscience ... the movie isn't the best movie ever made. Now before you start throwing those tomatoes and pumpkins at me ... give me a chance to explain myself.
First the big picture. Which is ... parallel existence. Look into my eyes and tell me, that it is something innovative. You cannot, because it's ... not. Well. When Neo enters the Matrix ... then yes, you can say that. But after he's entered the matrix, after Jake Sully's been there done that in the humanoid infested lush green forests of Pandora in Avatar ... sorry to say ... parallelism is getting clich├ęd.
But the means of imp…

The birth of the hyper hybrid

What follows are some technical details of Porsche's latest mindbender. The 918 Spyder. Considered to be the perfect amalgamation of supercar like awesomeness and ... yes ... environmental friendliness.

The engine: a 3.4 liter V8 mated to seven-speed gearbox. 500 bhp to the rear wheels. That's not it! Three more electric motors : two driving the front wheels mated to a fixed gear ratio and the third, through the seven-speed provides additional power to the rear axle. When all work together the car transforms into a 718 bhp fire breather. The electric pots can not only be plugged-in and charged. They also get automatically charged when the car undergoes braking.Four driving modes: an E-drive mode wherein the car runs on battery power alone, using the rear motor only, with a range of 16 miles. Three hybrid modes : Hybdrid, Sport, and Race, where all four power pots work to different extents to provide the desired levels of performance and economy. In Race mode a push-to-pass but…

Games people play

disclaimer : all information provided in this write up is grossly incorrect to the very best of my knowledge. Any suicide attempts, divorce cases that may take place after this is published, should NOT be traced back to this under any known or unknown circumstances. The author regrets to inform that he won't be held responsible too.

disclaimer for previous disclaimer : this is another of my superbly disoriented and fuzzy wramblingz. A lame attempt to emulate the god like articles of uncyclopedia. Please bear with the amount of nonsense you shall behold before your eyes.

the third and ... kinda serious ... disclaimer : this is essentially a parody of all the games people go gaga over and play on something called Microsoft Windows.

1.Need for Creed. Often mistaken for Need for Speed, Need for Creed, developed by Alternative Entertainment and Sports (AE Sports), is a stunning game featuring Creed, an iconic death metal band of the early 14th century. The variants released since 1998 …

Life was beautiful

disclaimer : all mathematical facts are accurate to the best of my knowledge, and drawn upon from wolfram mathworld, the best math resource on the web. Also, all characters are fictitious and should they bear any correlation with any things actual, then rest assured that they aren't intentional. --------------------------------------
Numbers. The one word had always meant so much for old Pandey. The one thing he had lived his entire life upon. He wasn't the great Indian mind who had been honoured with degrees one after the other, neither had he been to any college all his life. Nor did he have a chance now to make amends. But numbers always fascinated him. He had that bare minimum knowledge of English to comprehend mathematical texts, and with the oil lamp that lit his ramshackle hovel, he revelled in the world of numbers, a world of his own.

He amazed many a stranger. Pointing at the number plate of a taxi cab that just passed him he would say "7433 ...  it remains prime…