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An ode to the first hour

now when you see things such as this, you know that somewhere down there, something is seriously wrong. With this in mind, proceed.


the alarm clock rings, it's 7 o'clock
and mefeels much like Socrates drinking hemlock.
for in an hour's time I would be sitting and dozing in a class called MuPee.
Oh, for the non-BITSian reading this, and wondering what on earth MuPee is,
MuPee is a health hazard and I am guessing, it stands for Microprocessor Programming, and Interfacing.
Oh ye first hour, ye heartless soul! do you really know how much you take your toll?
Nah, I know, you really do care. Just as much I do about what Lady Gaga wears.
which reminds me, why do I attend thee? when I would rather be dreaming about a chocolate tree?
But still I do, I'll never know why just like why Harry Potter had a bowl of rye.
Not that he did, but he always could have, just like the modern day driver who's using SAT NAV.
So back to the first hour, and the issues it raises most of which to us, is what l…