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Tintin and contemporary politics : my presentation at Tintin Conference, University College, London

I recently had the good fortune of presenting some of my Tintin research at the world's largest Tintin Conference, which was held at University College, London on 10th January, 2014.

The genesis of this research goes back to a certain course that I had taken up in my final semester on campus at BITS, Pilani - Modern Political Concepts, taught by an extremely interesting professor, Mr Hari Nair. (Read my answer on why his is one of the must-experience classes at my college here.)

As part of that course, we had to write a 5000 word term paper, which would be relevant to modern politics. Being a lover of Tintin comics, which had been the holy grail for most of my life, I decided to work on "Tintin and contemporary politics".

Writing that paper was the *single* most satisfying thing that I had done in that semester. And after having completed that course, I decided to take my work forward; aided by my very helpful professor, I found quite a few conferences/journals where th…