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The political implications of the Adventures of Tintin

In my (recently concluded) last semester of college, I had taken a rather interesting elective course, called Modern Political Concepts. The course was taken by an equally interesting professor, whose name was Hari Nair.

The course not only came as a breath of fresh air amid a lot of other technical courses which one does for engineering, but it also provided us with a unique perspective towards human society and governments. The most interesting part of the course however, was a certain evaluation component, wherein, we had to work on a term paper, write it out (~ 5000 words) and then defend it in an informal classroom discussion. The subject of the paper could be anything under the sky as long as it had a whiff of politics in it.

Given my affection for HergĂ©'s The Adventures of Tintin, I decided to work on the following topic - "The political implications of The Adventures of Tintin" and the turned out to be the single most satisfactory thing I'd done in that seme…