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The Chip Firing Classifier in Machine Learning

In the last post, I wrote about The Incompleteness of Reason, and the paper I had presented during our tech festival, which won the first prize in its category. This post is about the other paper, which won as well, albeit in a different category.

This paper, is to be honest not a result of my work and due credit is reserved for a certain Shaleen Kumar Sharma, who worked alongside me on this topic. However, he couldn't be present here to present the paper, and the responsibility of the same, thus fell on myself.

The paper looks at a novel mechanism to solve the Support Vector Machine problem of Machine Learning, by invoking concepts of game theory.

The presentation follows.

Game Theoretic Concepts in Support Vector Machine Learning from Subhayan Mukerjee

The incompleteness of Reason

I recently presented a couple of papers at my college tech-fest, APOGEE 2013. Both of them won the first prize in the respective category that I had put them in. The first one, titled, The Incompleteness of Reason however, was more dear to me because, simply put, I had loved working on it.

The paper starts out with Kurt Gödel's concept of incompleteness, and a mathematical proof of how a consistent and rigorous axiomatic mathematical system cannot prove itself using only itself. The paper than looks at the philosophical connotations of this proof, and finally arrives at a conclusion that not everything in the universe can be proved. Moreover, the paper takes a bold step in explaining the existence of a conscious being outside the universe.

I have borrowed heavily from Perry Marshall's ideas here, while working on the philosophical aspects of this paper, and I owe him quite a lot for this. I am embedding the presentation that I made and used while presenting my paper. It sho…