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Birla Gliding Club

The Birla Gliding Club is one of the few interesting things that Pilani has to offer to someone, who is looking for a peaceful place outside the campus to visit on a lazy Sunday morning.

Positioned just outside the south-eastern gate of the BITS Pilani campus, the Birla Gliding Club was once an impressive playground for certain elitist factions of society, which, owing to a fatal accident a decade and a half earlier was closed down. Today it serves as a place that people can go visit, look at the sun rise or set depending on the time of the day, put on a pensive expression on their face and avoid being run over by the BITS BAJA team's indigenous All Terrain Vehicle, which is often driven here for testing purposes.

You can identify the Gliding Club by the distinctive "airstrip" that you can see just south of the campus.

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And lo, that's not all, the Gliding Club is also home to a few helipads which are used, interestingly, to this day.

After three and a …