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The Right to Win

The theme of the 2013 edition of our college magazine, Cactus Flower, is sports. As part of the editorial team it is one of my responsibilities to write a theme story for the same - and given that this is my last year on campus, and that I hadn't written a theme story for any of the previous three editions, I decided to actually write one. And the only sport I know well enough is Formula 1, and thus, this is what came out.


It was 6 AM in the morning when Marcus Jacob stepped inside the helicopter. He always liked his job. And today would be no exception.

He pressed some buttons and pulled some levers, and the mighty rotor blades started moving. Very soon, they had picked up enough rotational speed to appear almost invisible to the casual eye. And the prevailing silence was replaced by a steady and slowly intensifying mechanical whir  Wisps of dust and leaves that had fallen the night before were swept away by the strong gusts and it wasn't long before the chopper was airbo…

My last Fine Print article

Also read: My first Fine Print Article posted on 24th November 2009

It is a tradition in the English Press Club for the senior-most members to write one last article for the campus newsletter, The Fine Print before they leave the campus, once and for all. The following was mine, which was published yesterday viz 25th April 2013.
The biggest block that the Press Club people face during their entire time in this club is when they begin to write their psenti articles. I’ve heard this being repeated over and over again, during the past eight semesters that I’ve spent in this place and I’ve always found it slightly funny. The sheer might of the psenti article has been considered enormous; because it has managed to arrest the creativity and thought flow of even the most prolific writers that this club has had over the ages.
Today, when faced with the same task, I feel humbled and a tad bit embarrassed. There are a million things I could write now. But it seems a gargantuan task, to actu…

WPS Office is possibly the best find for Linux users in a long while

Let's accept it, the one reason most Linux users stick to having a dual-boot system is because of Microsoft's unparalleled Office suite, which unfortunately is still not available for Linux today. However, that doesn't seem to be the case anymore.

Say hello to WPS Office, and believe it or not, it looks and feels exactly like MS Office! And the best bit? It's available for Linux in a neatly packaged Debian file that you can download right now and install.

True, it's still in Beta mode, and the default language in it is Chinese, but a few tweaks here and there, and you can say goodbye to those problems.

Here are some screenshots that I took after installing the same on my Ubuntu 12.10.

In fact, WPS Office has a few nifty features that even MS Office lacks - the foremost of them being the ability to open multiple documents, spreadsheets and presentations in tabs. Moreover, the UI is completely customisable - the default one being the default MS Office ribbon UI. For…