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2011 Formula 1 Airtel Indian Grand Prix - a look back.

what did I see yesterday?

was it the real life? was it just fantasy?

My head still reels when I think of all that I witnessed in the past three days. The colours! The speed! The sounds!

Oh boy oh boy.

Wasn't this all that I had been living for all these years? Wasn't this all that I had been dreaming of ever since I had watched Formula 1 back in Jamshedpur with my father - myself, no older than 4 years back then?

It all felt vaguely disorienting. The whole spectacle. I couldn't bring myself to terms with the fact that I had just watched a live Formula 1 Grand Prix. When had I, even a year back thought that I would be watching one so soon? Agreed, the hype surrounding an Indian GP had been floating around for quite sometime. But then again, the fact that this is India had given me enough doubts and riddled all my hopes with ample skepticism. ( which I'm sure Metallica fans in Delhi and around will understand :P )

No longer though.

I look back at the whirlwind that was th…

Sports in general, Formula 1 in particular

This post begins with some rather opinionated comments about sports in general. Given that my sporting tastes were nipped in the bud by my own lethargy and disinterest, and that I mostly yawn while watching stuff like the Twenty Best Goals That Shook the World, you shouldn't let my opinions bother you one single bit. Because if you do, there'll be one of those famous word-battles in the comment form following this post, that have plagued quite a few of my blog posts till date.

Notwithstanding, I stick to being the opinionated douche that I am, and proceed.

Opinion #1. Every sport is unique.

However, as with most hastily stated assertions, there's a but to it. Which brings us to opinion #2

Every sport is unique, but down somewhere, they're all the same.

Yes, I love creating such situations where my reader is forced into being an indignant little pigeon that frets about in disagreement making that weird low frequency noise that pigeons make. Much like an ill-tuned bass …

Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot : how to set it up right.

I had been using Ubuntu 10.10 for the past one year, and to be honest, I liked it a lot. Save for a few problems in the very beginning , it worked seamlessly and survived every inch of stress I subjected it to, from screwing around with device drivers, and (unsuccessfully) trying to enable multi-touch in an Inspiron 1545.

I had a myriad desktop environments as well, apart from the usual Gnome. There was KDE, Xfce, Unity, Unity 2D, as well as the new Gnome, Gnome 3, and when 11.04 Natty released last April, I contemplated  a lot on whether to upgrade or not. Then wisely chose not to. Several of my friends did, and while the new Unity interface took getting used to (not for me, I had already been using Unity alongside 10.10) there were many other issues that dissuaded me from upgrading.

Now however, with 11.10 Oneiric out a couple of weeks back or so, I finally decided to take the step. Installing was the easiest part of setting up Oneiric on my computer. But then, a quick and easy ins…

An old age rant


That is actually what this post is. It has some random and totally unrelated things, off the top of my mind put in one place. Without further ado, here goes:

One, I have my very own domain name now. Thanks to my uber-awesome mum and dad, they gifted me with the best possible long distance birthday gift possible viz, a .com domain, Yes, you heard that right. So now, will actually take you to what was (and still is),

I shall do a this.

Two, Durga Puja, and how epically awesome it was here in Pilani. Boy, oh boy, I miss those five days so much now. Therefore,

And a +1 if you got what that meant.

Three, the Computer Science Association of BITS Pilani just pulled off a pretty awesome weekend full of events last to last week. Why do I put it on my blog? Because I am the coordinator for CSA and yeah, it felt pretty satisfactory after it ended. It was called The Codestock Festival, and it had five components. There was…