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The good side to the Obama visit

After a hell lot of Oba-mashing in the previous post, I contemplated for a while and said to myself "Messa thinks every cloud has a silver lining!" and decided to jot down some points, some positive points and indications about Obama's visit. Most of these points however relate to his address in the Parliament yesterday, views expressed in which, have changed quite a lot from what his takes in Mumbai had been.

so here goes the points -
India is the strongest power in Asia Which puts India on the same footing as China. With one major difference. India is democratic. China is autocratic, bordering at times on dictatorship. Which makes India's case all the more favourable to this world. India's seat in the UN Security Council as a permanent member After initially and very craftily avoiding the issue in Mumbai, Obama announced yesterday in the Parliament that, "in the years ahead, I look forward to a reformed U.N Security Council that includes India as a permanen…

400 years : from Sir Thomas Roe to Barack Obama

400 years.

Well, almost 400 years back, a ship had sailed across the choppy waters of the Arabian Sea, the Union Jack waving aloft, and had entered the port of Surat. The affair had been humdrum. Surprisingly so, because the person who had sailed, was destined to leave his mark in the time-stained pages of the Great Indian History.

The year was 1615, and the person was Sir Thomas Roe.

The journey had been long and exhausting. The ship had braved the raging Atlantic Ocean, right down to the Cape of Good Hope. And then had entered the tumultous Arabian Sea. The alighting at Surat had been followed by a long and gruelling journey through the hot wastelands of the North West. When, after weeks of travelling Sir Thomas Roe had finally reached the gates of Agra, his face did not betray his weariness, nor did he lose focus of the humoungous resposnsibility he was bearing upon his shoulders.

For Sir Thomas was no ordinary person. He was the emissary from the court of His Majesty James I, the…

Just another thing

A snippet from JustAnotherDayInMyLife (read, today).

I had this really really boring chem lab class wherein we were to do one stoopid little titration experiment. Not once, or twice, or thrice ... but, SIX whole times. Six is anyways not a particularly good number of times, one does an experiment that involves blowing up through pipettes, and carefully measuring out chemicals having quasi-intellectual-sounding-polysyllabic names (sodium isocyanate et al), at any time of the year ... and on the eve of Diwali, it gets plain worse. And to cap it all, it was a strictly individual experiment. 
We had two hours to wrap it all up, and half-way through the class, I had just obtained one set of readings and had just begun the second attempt. Half an hour later, when the two other guys doing the same experiment finished off and got all their six sets of readings signed by the instructor, I realised that I had to buckle up. No, the thought of not finishing the experiment did not bother me, it w…