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The Importance of Knowledge : Measuring human progress

What is the one thing that measures human progress?

Is it possible, if at all, to isolate one such feature from millions and billions, that would with sufficient extrapolation, and with reasonably justified inaccuracies, be used directly or indirectly, to gauge the progress of mankind?
To answer this question let us look back in history. The earliest known practices of mankind have been in  attempts to answer things which people saw around them. And to do that, they conceptualised. They speculated; yes, man back then was an eclectic animal - easily inspired. Some people looked up at the heavens and sought inspiration from the sun, the moon and the stars. While yet others looked to the trees, to the wild boar and to the elephant. People worshiped these things, which gave them inspiration. And they explained natural phenomena by deriving ideas from these sources of inspiration. Of course, some of these early thinkers were wrong. But most of them were correct, or at least, they were hea…