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Lorem Ipsum - cooking, Philly and turning older.

It's been a few months since I last penned a post, and that's because an awful amount of life has happened since then.

I've moved to a different country, regressed down the socioeconomic ladder and started doing a number of things on my own that I hadn't thought of doing, till later in life.

So yes, I've moved to the United States, have begun grad school at the University of Pennsylvania and most importantly, I have started cooking. Cooking is an activity that has had me since time immemorial. Particularly because of my mum who has this innate ability to conjure dishes out of thin air, and make them taste insanely good, while at it. I've always wanted to try cooking on my own, but given my general aptitude in utter clumsiness, I've always been hesitant of getting my hands dirty. And smelly.

But Uncle Sam is a different story- and the only alternative to not cook is to either die of hunger or to get buried in debt.

Which is why I have started cooking, and l…