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Eggs and egg-heads

Yes, this post has a lot to do with eggs and other related stuff, viz chickens and egg-heads.

But before we develop this plot further, please don't get misled into thinking that this is a copy-pasted slice of text from a journal on evolutionary biology which ought to begin with "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" et al. This is not definitely not so. Though chickens and eggs form a very important part of this discussion, this very surely does not intend to border on text-book subjects that refer to the same. Any violation of the above intent (or lack of intent, thereof) is sorely regretted.

Eggs. It would be a horrific understatement to say that I love eggs. My affection for eggs surpasses many of my other worldly affections, which include ... umm ... let's chuck that. Anyways, right since my tryst with eggs began, back in the days of nursery school, when my mum used to wield a plate of water-poached eggs in front of my face .. till the present haggling …