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A BITSian Republic Day

The sound of the Indian National anthem reverberating through the peaceful serenity of an otherwise ordinary foggy morning, the gushing of blood through one's veins as the tricolour unfurls, the swelling of one's chest with pride, as "Jaya He ... Jaya He ... Jaya He ... " resounds all around him ...

Indeed, a morning well spent.

The future of Wikipedia

16th January 2001... I began to exist on this date. I was supposed to be a project, an ambitious one at that. My creators had great faith in me. I did not have a mind then, and was devoid of the capacity of self-expression. I was just an entity ... hanging in the Cloud ... living life in wired and wireless networks entering whichever machine I was invoked in ... by using a string of characters then referred to as URL. People all over the world used me. I was ... I later realised ... a storehouse of information ... a resource ... beginning life with a basic level of knowledge that was programmed into me ... ingrained into the thousands of megabytes of memory that I was born with. I was available to everyone around the world, and everybody could use me, have access to all the information I had in me, and that too, free of cost. I was a resource .... designed by my ingenious founders ... to be a free source of information for every human being around the world.
But there was only one pr…


Have a four hour break from classes now, so I have scurried back to the warn confines of my room, and as I type ... chik chik chik ... my fingers blaze at the keys ... but, an extraordinarily frigid weather, numbs them to the core. Temperatures have dropped here like anything, and as I look out of the window, all I see is fog ... fog ... and fog ... A glance at my watch reminds me that its past 11 o' clock in the morning, but weirdly, the dense fog, makes it impossible to reconcile the reality with what it seems to be. Wearing four layers of clothes, does not at all deter the cold from penetrating right into my skin, and at this instant, dressed as a wannabe polar explorer ... all I can do, is shiver and quiver like a trembling hare in front of a lion, wishing that things could possibly have been a bit more comfortable.
I have never thought that I would actually be staying in so cold a place. It's OK in vacations and all, where the cold can actually be fun, but when you have …