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Google Prediction APIs

Whatever the millions of Google Plus detractors might be saying around the world, Google Plus still is an incredible social platform for anyone with a flair for anything techie. To be more generic, it's incredible for any person who wants to know something new. Simply put, you come to know of newer and awesomer things happening around the world, on G+, which you otherwise wouldn't. You circle the right people, get into the right conversations, and before you know it, you're wiser than all the fools who are guffawing at you for doing the same.
But relax, this isn't another of those "Google Plus is awesome" posts of mine. This is something far more interesting.
Enter, Google Prediction APIs.
I came to know of this barely an hour or so back, on (no points for guessing) Google Plus. It pretty much turned the horrible day that I had been having till then into one that was worth living through.
So what are Google Prediction APIs? They are a handy set of cloud base…