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The two ends of reason

I do not write such posts. I do not know who wrote this post. I think it's me, but I'm not sure how I wrote this post. But when I do write such posts, I feel happy that somewhere deep within, there is this little bearded smiling philosopher sitting inside me, and telling me what to write.

Imagine him sitting. Yeah. Like that. -
I have always been intrigued by a couple of things that have, since the dawn of history helped shape human cultures and sculpted the way forward for civilizations. Not surprisingly, these have also been some of the most glaring epicenters of human conflict - to the point that even today, they require careful treading in public forums.
What do I refer to?
Quite simply, the two pillars of human existence - faith and reason.
Faith - or belief - that one-half of the human psychology that isn't based on logic or proof. That one half that scorns at reason and turns a blind eye to what the brain tries to work out.
And, reason. The exact opposite of faith - the ha…

Like a boss

Another rage comic. Click to enlarge, Should have ideally been posted on 23rd Jan. Nevertheless, hope you like it.