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Formula 1 transfer season : bittersweet thoughts

The 2012 season of Formula 1 has been very epic, thank you very much.

Every second spent following the 16 races that have happened till now has been well spent, and has yielded good returns. The downside is, that there are only four races left, after which we shall have to bid a heartfelt good bye to what has undeniably been one of the most exciting years in Formula 1 in recent history.

However, as the season drifts into its final phase and the driver's championship still seems precariously balanced on the edge of a knife, there is something that has quite taken the icing of the cake. Yes, ladies and gents, transfer season is here, and going by how things have shaped up it sure has been a shocker of sorts.

This post doesn't intend to tell you what has happened. Because everybody knows what has happened, and who's gone where for the next season. This post seeks to scrape the surface of what has been some of the most unassuming transfers and intends to dig deep into why the…