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NH7 Weekender Bangalore 2013

NH7 markets Weekender as the "happiest music festival". And I daresay that I would completely vouch for them.

After all, what can be happier than chilling with some of your closest mateys from college, on a Bangalore weekend, with lots of good food, and tons of great live music?

Yes, the rain did play spoilsport throughout Saturday, resulting in the cancellation of several acts that I had been looking forward to (the F16s, TessaracT), but I won't be complaining about that even one bit. And though my sore throat would beg to differ, it's not the soaking wet sweat shirt that I had on me that I am going to complain about either; nor will I complain about the getting-stranded-in-the-rain-after-the-event-and-looking-for-a-place-to-crash.

Because these trifling incidents were to be honest, exactly that: trifling incidents. And it certainly didn't mar the madness and general awesomeness that was prevalent throughout the weekend.

There were quite a few good acts on Day …

The Borra Caves

The Borra Caves had to be the magnum opus of our Andhra tour, as a glimpse at this Google+ album will convince you.

The natural beauty was breathtaking - and the cleverly positioned artificial lights provided the perfect ambiance, and wholly complemented the years of relentless toil that nature had gone through to produce these marvels. The stalactites and stalagmites - and the ceaseless streams of water in some places - made them as unique as as they were remarkable.

As we made our way deeper and deeper underground, we came across more and more beautiful natural sculptures - that had caught the fancies of the guides and locals - leading them to associate the same with everyday objects and Gods. There was for example, a mother carrying a child, a Sai Baba, and a Shiv Linga with a constant flow of water trickling down the stone.

At its deepest accessible point, the caves led up a flight of stairs and into a dark cavern, which had been converted into a natural Shiv temple.

Net net, thi…

Visakhapatnam - another shoddy travel guide of sorts

Visakhapatnam is one of the prettiest cities that I have seen in my travels along the length and breadth of India. One, it is of the right size - not overblown like the metros of Delhi, Calcutta etc, nor insignificantly small like the hill stations of the north or south. Second, like in Goa, it gives you stunning views of the sea, against a very picturesque backdrop of hills.

The places that we visited were
Beaches - Rishikonda, Ramakrishna and Bheemli - if you're in Vizag, visit at least one of these. They are mostly the same, but they're very beautiful, and the Bay of Bengal is quite a site to behold.Kailashgiri Hill - this place offers you a stunning view of the beach (see picture above) A must visit, just for the sheer view.The Indira Gandhi Zoological Park - a surprisingly packed-with-animals zoo - they have everything from crocs and gharials, to other exotic reptiles, and even a staggering white tiger. Submarine Museum - A rather unique site-seeing item - a battle harden…

Hyderabad - a shoddy tourist guide

Even after being in Hyderabad for more than 3 months, I hadn't gone around the city much, owing to my sheer lethargy, which had put a cap on my otherwise insatiable enthusiasm for travel, and also owing to the fact that my parents were to be coming down sometime and I would anyway be going around with them.
This much awaited tour happened between the 9th and 14th of October.

The places that we visited were :
Golkonda Fort - which is a truly marvelous historical site. If you happen to visit this place, do ensure that you experience the awesome acoustics that the architecture of the fort so beautifully embraces.
Salar Jung Museum - while the sprawling museum could take you hours to fully explore, what you shouldn't miss is the statute of the Veiled Rebecca. See the pictures of the same in my album link below.Husain Sagar Lake - a beautiful lake, which lights up spectacularly at night, and has a tiny island in the middle which houses a mammoth Buddha statue. There are motorboat ri…