The Borra Caves

The Borra Caves had to be the magnum opus of our Andhra tour, as a glimpse at this Google+ album will convince you.

The natural beauty was breathtaking - and the cleverly positioned artificial lights provided the perfect ambiance, and wholly complemented the years of relentless toil that nature had gone through to produce these marvels. The stalactites and stalagmites - and the ceaseless streams of water in some places - made them as unique as as they were remarkable.

As we made our way deeper and deeper underground, we came across more and more beautiful natural sculptures - that had caught the fancies of the guides and locals - leading them to associate the same with everyday objects and Gods. There was for example, a mother carrying a child, a Sai Baba, and a Shiv Linga with a constant flow of water trickling down the stone.

At its deepest accessible point, the caves led up a flight of stairs and into a dark cavern, which had been converted into a natural Shiv temple.

Net net, this is one must visit site for all lovers of exotic natural beauty.