Hyderabad - a shoddy tourist guide

Even after being in Hyderabad for more than 3 months, I hadn't gone around the city much, owing to my sheer lethargy, which had put a cap on my otherwise insatiable enthusiasm for travel, and also owing to the fact that my parents were to be coming down sometime and I would anyway be going around with them.

This much awaited tour happened between the 9th and 14th of October.

The places that we visited were :
  • Golkonda Fort - which is a truly marvelous historical site. If you happen to visit this place, do ensure that you experience the awesome acoustics that the architecture of the fort so beautifully embraces.
  • Salar Jung Museum - while the sprawling museum could take you hours to fully explore, what you shouldn't miss is the statute of the Veiled Rebecca. See the pictures of the same in my album link below.
  • Husain Sagar Lake - a beautiful lake, which lights up spectacularly at night, and has a tiny island in the middle which houses a mammoth Buddha statue. There are motorboat rides that take you to the island, and they're quite nice.
See the pictures in their original glory on this Google+ album.


Wonderful information shared with all, will be very helpful to other too who are planning their holiday. Thanks and keep sharing such useful stuff with all.