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Why this meme?

My first attempt at a meme. For all those so inclined.

In case you you have been in India in the past few weeks and haven't been socially cocooned in an internet-tight bubble of ignorance, you would have come across this somewhere. May the Grim Reaper bless your soul in case you haven't.

Like it, hate it, share it, download it; just don't crop my name out and call it your own. :-)

A dramatic turn of events : quite literally for Dream Theater

This was written long back (almost a month and a half) for my college newsletter, the Fine Print. Just thought of putting it up here as well.


The concept of bands changing members is as old as bands themselves. At times, it is a traumatic incident, often tragic; often it is musical differences that makes members part ways. At other times it is just the members being at loggerheads with each other that spells disaster (remember the band that was once Guns n’ Roses as opposed to the total abomination that exists today).

When Mike Portnoy, founding member and drummer of Dream Theater, and one of the most celebrated drummers in the world today, decided to go on a hiatus from his band, the music community was a little more than shell shocked. For Portnoy had been the be-all and end-all of one of the most successful progressive music acts ever. The departure of Portnoy, and the introduction of Mike Mangini however, did help Dream Theater get a degree of public attention that they would othe…