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The Individual in Communication Research: Part V

This is the fifth and final part of a series tracing the history of how the idea of the "individual" has been understood in the history of media research. In this part, I discuss the advent of the digital age, and how it subsequently resulted in a theoretical crisis - as scholars struggled to understand the new connections being forged between the people and disruptive technologies.

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 A Brave New World: The “Individual” and the Digital

The digital revolution and the rise of the internet towards the end of the 20th century provides us with the next big setting to debate the lingering “problem of the individual”, and its relationship with new media technologies.

One tangible effect that the irruption of the internet has had is the proliferation of information outlets and the rise of new actors. Despite the skepticism of some commentators (Hindman, 2009; Hindman, Tsioutsiouliklis, & Johnson, 2003), thi…