The incompleteness of Reason

I recently presented a couple of papers at my college tech-fest, APOGEE 2013. Both of them won the first prize in the respective category that I had put them in. The first one, titled, The Incompleteness of Reason however, was more dear to me because, simply put, I had loved working on it.

The paper starts out with Kurt Gödel's concept of incompleteness, and a mathematical proof of how a consistent and rigorous axiomatic mathematical system cannot prove itself using only itself. The paper than looks at the philosophical connotations of this proof, and finally arrives at a conclusion that not everything in the universe can be proved. Moreover, the paper takes a bold step in explaining the existence of a conscious being outside the universe.

I have borrowed heavily from Perry Marshall's ideas here, while working on the philosophical aspects of this paper, and I owe him quite a lot for this. I am embedding the presentation that I made and used while presenting my paper. It should be simple to understand, if you're so willing; or if you have any clarifications you could post a comment or drop me a mail and I would only be too glad to help.


Kinshuk said…
So why does art and music and aesthetics interest us ? Why does it have to be reason all the time ?
Prithwis Mukerjee said…
good stuff ... keep it up
Subhayan Mukerjee said…
As in? Why most only rational things interest us?
Pin Ting said…
s/The paper than/The paper then/

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