The birth of the hyper hybrid

What follows are some technical details of Porsche's latest mindbender. The 918 Spyder. Considered to be the perfect amalgamation of supercar like awesomeness and ... yes ... environmental friendliness.

  • The engine : a 3.4 liter V8 mated to seven-speed gearbox. 500 bhp to the rear wheels. That's not it! Three more electric motors : two driving the front wheels mated to a fixed gear ratio and the third, through the seven-speed provides additional power to the rear axle. When all work together the car transforms into a 718 bhp fire breather. 
  • The electric pots can not only be plugged-in and charged. They also get automatically charged when the car undergoes braking.
  • Four driving modes : an E-drive mode wherein the car runs on battery power alone, using the rear motor only, with a range of 16 miles. Three hybrid modes : Hybdrid, Sport, and Race, where all four power pots work to different extents to provide the desired levels of performance and economy. In Race mode a push-to-pass button is available to deliver additional electric power, useful during overtaking.
  • A carbon-fiber reinforced plastic monocoque chassis and a lot of aluminium and magnesium in the body means that it weighs less than 1500 kgs 
  • A mind-blowing 0-100 km/hr run in less than 3.2 seconds and a staggering top-speed of 320 km/hr.
  • Fuel economy at an all time high of 78 US miles/gallon.
Some pics follow.

Looks impressive too, what say people? Here's raising a toast to its success, and
hoping that it reaches production lines soon!

The official Porsche video follows.