Alumni Research Talks 2012

The day approaches! The first edition of the Alumni Research Talks is all set to kick off in five more days. This three day symposium shall see recent alumni of BITS Pilani converge from all corners of the world (literally) and talk about their experience in grad school and at their workplace.

The speakers include alumni doing research at some of the elite colleges in the world including UIUC, Stanford or are working/have worked at Google, Facebook, NetApp etc after passing out of BITS. While most of the lectures will be about their research/work fields, some lectures will also aim at clarifying the post-graduate scenario and hope to dispel all myths about fears and speculations that we BITSians tend to harbour.

ART is being organized by the Computer Science and Information Systems Department of BITS Pilani, with organizational support from us, the students of the Computer Science Association. All the lectures will be live-casted in the Goa and Hyderabad campuses (Dubai have their end semester examinations during this time, hence the exclusion). We've teamed up with Embryo for all the technical aspects of the event. Also, we've gotten Google and NetApp as sponsors. \m/

So if you have registered for ART, don't miss it. There'll be a lot of illuminating discussions, a lot of geekery, and yes, free snacks to boot. Moreover there's also an Idea Challenge for all hungry minds to compete in.

Registrations at Pilani have been closed now, because we already have 650 registrations here. However people who were off campus last semester can register by sending a mail to art [at] bits-csa [dot] org with the subject Request For Registration.

Keep following the official website and like the official Facebook page for details.

Hope to see you around! Tada.