Music graphics from based on your listening history

I know only a few friends of mine who use it, but I use a lot. Well, to be honest there's not much to "use" there - because once you've connected your music players with your account, it all happens automatically.

In case you're not aware, here's how it works: any song you play on your music player, gets "scrobbled" to your account. Scrobbling is just another fancy word which uses to mean that your listening history is tracked, and recorded.

I, for one, have a mammoth music library on Rhythmbox, the default Ubuntu music player, and I have a handful songs on my Android too - and both, Rhythmbox and the HTC music player have plugins to connect to my account, so that whatever song I'm listening to - be it on my laptop, or on my phone gets listed on my account - as you can see here.

So after more than a year of using, and having scrobbled more than 7000 songs - I logged on to the site to see what they have to offer. And I chanced upon tools. And I was delighted.

So I checked in my username, and generated these fine graphics. Aren't they awesome?

Here's a collage of album art of my top albums:

Next, here is a funky tag of my top genres :

Rotated :

And here's an equally funky tag of my top artists :

 Which when rotated :